Fresh rolled soft flour tortilla filled with meat, or veggies, or seafood, deep fried, served with rice, beans, and sour cream and covered with  sauce and cheese. 

Chicken Chimichanga $12.75/$10.25

Beef Chimichanga $12.75/$10.25

Pork Chimichanga $12.75/$10.25

Veggies Chimichanga   $12.75/$10.25

Crab Chimichanga  $16.50/$15.50

Chorizo Chimichanga  $13.50/$10.99

Steak Chimichanga  $17.75/$14.99

Seafood Chimichanga  $18.50/$17.50


8825 Centre Park Dr
Columbia, MD 21045 410-997-7182

Mon-Th 11am-10pm
F 11am-11pm
Sat 11am-10pm
Sun 11am -9pm

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